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The Village 
There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so we invite you to simply come and be a real one.
Parents. grandparents, guardians and their young children are all invited for a time of fellowship and respite on Mondays, 10-11:30am. Children will be provided a safe space where they are able to play, participate in new activities and make friends. Adults are provided a safe space as well where they can build up their village and share in the craziness of raising children. It is during this time over coffee, enjoying the weather or participating in new activities as well that the adults will focus on how the amazing grace of God is changing their hearts, lives and relationships with other people through using one simple check-in question each week: "How is it with your soul?" Contact Kristal Haskins for details!

Current Schedule of Events:
January 13 - Planning Party at KUMC
January 20 - MLK Day - No Meeting
January 27 - Kid Mania,  9101 Tehama Ridge Pkwy

February 3 - Milestone Church, 201 Mount Gilead Rd
February 10 - Valentine's Party, Staci's house,  10024 Cade Trail (please RSVP)
February 17 - President's Day - No Meeting
February 24 -  Whites Chapel Playground, 185 S. White Chapel Blvd.

March 2 - Fellowship of the Parks, Indoor/Outdoor Playground 9900 N. Beach St.
March 9 - Spring Break - No Meeting
March 16 - St. Patrick's Day Party, Jennifer's House, 1621 Highland Oaks Dr (please RSVP)
March 23 - Keller Smithfield Activity Park, 416 Keller Smithfield Rd (weather alt: Chick-fil-a 1002 Keller Pkwy)
March 30 - Johnson Rd. Park, (weather alt: McDonald's 989 Keller Pkwy)

April 6 - Easter Egg Hunt, Kristal's house, 2845 Spotted Owl Dr. (Please RSVP)
April 13 - Bicentennial Park,  450 W. Southlake Blvd (weather alt: Whites Chapel Playground, 185 S. White Chapel Blvd,
April 20 - Chick-fil-a Indoor Playground, 1002 Keller Pkwy.
April 27 - Adventure World Park, 7451 Starnes Rd (weather alt: McDonald's 7040 Denton Hwy)

May 4 - Dove Park, 1509 Hood Lane (weather alt: Chick-fil-a 2301 E Southlake Blvd)
May 11 - Bear Creek Park, 400 Bear Creek Pkwy (weather alt: McDonald's 7040 Denton Hwy)
May 18 - Play Street Museum, 101 Town Center #A109 ($11.50/child)
May 25 - Memorial Day - No Meeting

September 14 - Planning Meeting at KUMC