Noah and His Family

Can you imagine God calling you to do something so big and visible that all of your friends and neighbors would mock you? Now can you imagine going ahead with that calling even as everyone calls you crazy? Noah is a great example of remaining faithful even without full understanding. May we be open to all that God might place before us.


Samuel was just a young boy God called him to serve as a messenger. Samuel was confused and nearly missed what God was trying to tell him. Fortunately, a wise mentor helped him listen and respond. Are you listening and helping others listen and respond to God’s ever dynamic call?

Abraham and Sarah

Abram was 75 years old when he was told to leave everything he had and everything he had ever known in order to follow a new calling from God. God calls people in all ages and stages of life. Are you open to hearing God’s call? Are you willing to change course and direction?

Little One(s)

We are not put on this earth just for ourselves and our time period, but to make a difference in the world and raise up a generation of new followers of Jesus Christ. What gifts do you have? How might you share those gifts with the little ones in your life?

Strong Encourager

In the New Testament, we see an early church that modeled encouragement by making everything they owned available to each other. We all need people who will encourage us with both words and actions. Who do you have in your life that encourages you to be the very best person that you can be? How can you be that person for others?

Reflective Self

A relationship with your true self is vitally important and must be nurtured just like your relationships with others. You cannot be a great partner or a mentor, or even listen to a mentor, if you lack self-awareness and a strong relationship with who you are. This may be the most difficult relationship to nurture, but it is a critical part of becoming the person God wants you to be.

Eager Apprentice

No matter our age and stage of life, we all have people in our lives who can learn from us. Connecting God’s family means not only seeking wise mentors for ourselves, but also pouring ourselves and what we know into others. How can you offer God’s love and your wisdom to another person?

Great Partner

Partners are often found in marriage, but those who are single can also find great partners to work with, rely on, and trust. We were not created to live individually, but to partner first with God, and then also with one another. If you are married, how can you invest more in your partnership with your spouse? If you are not married or in a significant partnership, how might you seek to deepen a true friendship?

True Friend

Our scripture this week is about the friendship of David and Jonathan, a relationship so vital that they were “bound up” in each other’s lives. True friendships are very different from Facebook friendships. We may have people in our lives that we see in passing or share posts or tweets with, but do we have those people whose friendships are so deeply meaningful that we cannot be the same without them?

Wise Mentor

We need people in our lives that we can turn to when we are unsure of ourselves and our answers. With humility, we admit that we need others with more perspective and wisdom than we have individually. Who are those wise mentors in your life, and how might you learn from and rely on them?


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