My God Why Suffering?

God does not cause or desire our suffering, but we often ask God why when we are in the midst of pain and hurt. It is helpful to remember in these times that God is with us and we do not suffer alone or at the hands of a punitive God. How can we help others when they are suffering? Join us this weekend as we explore the story of Job and learn how to be a loving presence in the midst of pain.

My God Why Me?

God is constantly calling us to love and serve the world around us, often in new directions, but sometimes we feel inadequate. We hope that someone else will take care of the problems God is calling us to solve. Join us this weekend as we explore the story of Moses and discover how God equips us and goes with us in whatever we are called to do.

My God Why?

Jesus lived on Earth fully God and fully human, and dealt with insult, pain, suffering and injustices. Remembering that even Jesus had these struggles helps us to realize that asking why is normal. Jesus gives up his life at the hands of his persecutors and questions why. How can we too cry out in our times of struggle and yet remain faithful children of God?

The Peace of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is about more than just repairing an individual relationship. It is about a lifestyle we are called to live as God’s children. Forgiveness does not necessarily mean that we will be best friends with those we need to forgive, but it does mean that our hearts (and hopefully theirs) are opened to the peace that God wants for us. How can we let go of hurts and wrongs and grasp tight to the sacred value found in each human being?

With a potentially divisive atmosphere at General Conference, we felt it was vital for us offer our worship space to our Keller UMC family and anyone else who would like to participate for a time of prayer for peaceful, affirming and respectful discussion. A Special Session of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church takes place February 23-26, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri. The purpose will be to receive and act on a report from the Commission on a Way Forward based on the recommendations of the Council of Bishops. The Commission was authorized to examine paragraphs in The Book of Discipline concerning human sexuality and to explore options to strengthen church unity. For more details about the Special Session of the General Conference, visit

Forgive Others

God is quite clear that when we have a problem or complaint about someone else, our primary job is to forgive and love them. We do not do this based on their desire to be forgiven, nor their worthiness in our opinion. We are called to forgive because God loves and forgives us. How can we let go of contempt in our hearts and live in the way that Jesus taught?

Forgive Ourselves

Forgiveness is not easy under any circumstances, but forgiving ourselves is often the most difficult task. Valuing ourselves as important creations of God is the root of being able to love others. Join us this weekend as we explore how to fully forgive ourselves so that we may be able to fully love and forgive one another.

God's Forgiveness

Living with guilt and sin erodes our peace, but being open and confessing our wrongdoings to God cures us in many ways. God’s forgiveness is always available. When we fully experience it, we are set free and given new life through God’s love and grace. Join us this weekend as we explore how to experience the peace of God’s forgiveness.

The End: Death and Dying

Dying is scary, whether one’s own death or the pain of losing a loved one. Death in our Christian perspective is less of a finality and more of an intermission. The pain of death is not lessened, but viewing death as part of our journey with Christ to life eternal does give us a new perspective. Knowing God is with us and that we are retiring to our God in spirit helps us to overcome some of our fear.

Change and Uncertainty

In our fast-paced world, sometimes it is easier to just keep doing what we have always done. That is exactly what the Israelites wanted to do when the promised land was right in front of them. As they turned their focus to God, they were able to face the change and newness with hope and excitement. How can we hear that same message in the midst of changes of our world today?

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