Giving and Trust

Generosity is difficult to practice when we live in fear of not having enough. In worship this weekend, we’ll discuss why giving is an antidote to fear and helps us live with greater trust.

Giving and Conversion

Giving is an act of conversion. It is not that when we give we hope to convert others, but that we hope to be converted. Converted from our false sense of security (how much grain we have) to the deep security of God.

Judging Others

Christianity is built on forgiveness and grace, and yet we are often seen as judgmental and hypocritical. What is the cause of this disconnect and how is it that we so easily see the speck in others’ and miss the log in our own eye?

Do Not Worry

Jesus offers good news to those who struggle with anxiety and worry. It is a message of trust that is not often heard in our culture of scarcity. If our life is in God’s hands, what do we have to worry about?

The Sound Eye

It is often assumed that what we see impacts what we think. However, Jesus offers an additional layer to consider - what if our eyes are not lamps that have their own light source but reflect what is within? Could it be that we only see what we want to see? Even if we want to see darkness?

The Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is so familiar that it often becomes rote. But this prayer offers a crucial lesson about the kingdom of God. Let’s dive deeper and discover what are we praying for when we pray the Lord’s Prayer.

Turn the other cheek, give your cloak and walk an extra mile are not just little sayings to build empathy. They are acts of nonviolent resistance. Let’s explore how Jesus calls us to nonviolence in a violent age.

The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes can become churchy clichés we repeat but don’t ponder. This weekend, we’ll take the time to examine the Beatitudes and hear how they challenge the status quo and call us to lives of greater depth and faith.


Kenosis is a word in the Bible that describes "self-emptying." It is clear in the Gospel that The Way of Jesus is the way of self-emptying. We will explore what it means to "die to ourselves" and our egos and live a life of kenosis.

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