Limited Creation

In the beginning the world was perfect. Well not exactly. The world was not perfect, but it was good. Part of what makes the world good is the ways creation is limited. God creates limits, but why?


Jesus was intentional in showing hospitality to strangers and friends alike. In the story of the footwashing he displays humility and gentleness. How are we being called to practice the modern equivalents of footwashing today?


Have you ever said the phrase, “make yourself at home?” Have you ever had anyone take you up on that offer? Did they eat from your fridge? Did they kick you out of your room and sleep there? Hospitality is more than opening our homes, it is about addressing the difference of power between the host and guest. How are Christians to address the hostility within hospitality?


Why is it uncomfortable to look into the face of another? Could it be that we see something in the face of the other that is holy and sacred? Is this why we prefer to look at one another through the “veil” of technology?


When we celebrate Communion, we usually focus on the ways this meal brings us together and makes us one. But what about the host who is broken and sacrificed? Could Communion also be a practice that invites us into hospitality that is uncomfortable?


Strangers tend to make us uncertain or afraid because they can be, well, strange. But what does it mean to encounter God in the stranger?

Come and See

Why was John motivated to point Jesus out and who is this other disciple with Andrew? The answer reveals a lot about our own relationship with Christ.

An Identity Building Revelation

What does it mean to be baptized and why does it matter? Does such an ancient practice still “hold water” today?

A Trust Building Revelation

This weekend, we’ll celebrate Epiphany, the Christian holiday of unveiling or revealing. Come and learn how God builds trust with us through Christ’s epiphany

Are Hope, Faith, Joy and Love sufficient to sustain us even as the chaos of life continues?

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