What inspires you to stay the course when things get difficult? The story of Ruth and her commitment to Naomi is an example of how the commitment of others can inspire commitment within our own hearts. We will celebrate Holy Communion at both worship services this Sunday. Please prepare bread and juice for your use at home.

Concern about being sick or catching an illness was very real in the days of Jesus. While authorities of Jesus’ day were trying to take care of the sick, Jesus was caring for the sick.

The world we are living in right now calls us to respond. We can respond as the world has been by shutting our blinds and closing our garage doors before we get out of the car so we do not have to meet our neighbor and learn their story. Or we can turn toward the faces of our brothers and sisters, learning their story and partnering in reconciliation.

When the ancient Israelites returned from exile, their future was uncertain. Isaiah visions for them a rebuilding, a restoration, and a new way of life that is possible after exile. Is a new way of life possible for us as well?

We all know Jonah was swallowed up by a whale, but what did he do while he waited in the belly? What does his hymn from the belly show us about the work of God while we also wait in a belly that looks familiar?

Pentecost 2020

On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit animated the church with language and vision. In worship together, we'll listen for how the wind of the Holy Spirit is animating the church today.

It is called the "Great Commission" but what makes it great? Is it that the last words of Jesus are great? Is it that it is a really good task? Is it that it is wide in breadth? Is it that it is difficult? What makes this commission so great? Perhaps it is great because of what it requires - conversion.

When Peter talks to the risen Christ, he is asked three times about his love. Is Christ challenging Peter, or extending him grace?

In this text we witness what would seem like another miracle from Jesus. The disciples catch more fish than they can imagine, and what happens after this miracle? They eat breakfast with Jesus on the beach. Sometimes Jesus is simply calling us to just be in the presence of his miracles and take it all in. Where is Jesus calling you to simply ‘be’ in your life today?

On the road to Emmaus, the disciples encountered Christ, not through conversation, but through the breaking of the bread. What does it mean for us to have a wordless encounter with the Word of God? In online worship we will celebrate Holy Communion. You are invited to have bread and juice prepared at home to join in the celebration.

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