Strangers tend to make us uncertain or afraid because they can be, well, strange. But what does it mean to encounter God in the stranger?

Come and See

Why was John motivated to point Jesus out and who is this other disciple with Andrew? The answer reveals a lot about our own relationship with Christ.

An Identity Building Revelation

What does it mean to be baptized and why does it matter? Does such an ancient practice still “hold water” today?

A Trust Building Revelation

This weekend, we’ll celebrate Epiphany, the Christian holiday of unveiling or revealing. Come and learn how God builds trust with us through Christ’s epiphany

Are Hope, Faith, Joy and Love sufficient to sustain us even as the chaos of life continues?

Love in the Chaos

Love is not quiet. John 3:16 is a verse we can most often quote, yet sometimes we do not embody the magnificence of the text. Let us together see how we are called to live boldly in love in the midst of all of the chaos.

Advent Musical Worship Weekend

GLAD TIDINGS * GREAT JOY * FOR ALL PEOPLE An Advent Worship Service Presented by the Keller United Methodist Music and Worship Arts Ministry “...I bring you glad tidings of great joy which will be to all people.” (Luke 2:10)

Peace in the Chaos

We often think that if we could eradicate chaos from our lives then there would be peace, only to discover that chaos thrives on our frantic desires to eradicate chaos. What does peace in the chaos look like?

Hope in the Chaos

How strong is your hope? When all signs point to the contrary, is our hope powerful enough to move us forward?

The unspoken rule of Thanksgiving around many tables is to not talk about things that can be difficult: religion, politics, how dry the turkey is. Avoidance of such topics get us through the day, but avoiding the topics does not lead to healing. Rather than avoid or scream at one another, what does a disciple do in times where trauma is at the table?

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