God has given us scripture, a beautiful source of wisdom and guidance, and a vital piece of our toolkit for making decisions. However, the Bible is often misused as an answer book for all decisions. Join us this weekend as we consider how scripture is to be used, and some about how it should not be used, to help us make decisions in 2018.

Nothing in a Vacuum

Wise persons do not rely solely on their own desires, feelings or personal beliefs when making decisions. It is easy to fall into the trap of making judgments based on one source of information or what we have always believed. How can we seek wisdom and new ways of understanding to ensure that we are listening to all the resources God might have for us?

Disciples of Jesus

Jesus calls the common fishermen to be his disciples by meeting them exactly where they are, doing their normal, everyday business. Too often we think that God only calls in a burning bush or on a mountaintop retreat. Do you have your eyes, ears and heart open to God redirecting you in the normality of everyday living?


Esther is the story of a fascinating woman who realizes that perhaps everything in her life has led to a moment in which God can use her and her leadership best. Esther went through many negative experiences that God would not want for her, but God was able to call Esther in the midst of those things to a new path of ministry. To what new paths might God be calling you?


Moses was perfect for the job that God called him to do, and yet also the most unsuitable person for the task. His past prevented him from wanting to answer God’s call. Has your past ever kept you from feeling qualified to go where God might be leading you? How can we continue to grow with God’s help to overcome past problems and struggles? Perhaps you are perfectly suited for something in spite of, or maybe even because of, your past experiences.

Noah and His Family

Can you imagine God calling you to do something so big and visible that all of your friends and neighbors would mock you? Now can you imagine going ahead with that calling even as everyone calls you crazy? Noah is a great example of remaining faithful even without full understanding. May we be open to all that God might place before us.


Samuel was just a young boy God called him to serve as a messenger. Samuel was confused and nearly missed what God was trying to tell him. Fortunately, a wise mentor helped him listen and respond. Are you listening and helping others listen and respond to God’s ever dynamic call?

Abraham and Sarah

Abram was 75 years old when he was told to leave everything he had and everything he had ever known in order to follow a new calling from God. God calls people in all ages and stages of life. Are you open to hearing God’s call? Are you willing to change course and direction?

Little One(s)

We are not put on this earth just for ourselves and our time period, but to make a difference in the world and raise up a generation of new followers of Jesus Christ. What gifts do you have? How might you share those gifts with the little ones in your life?

Strong Encourager

In the New Testament, we see an early church that modeled encouragement by making everything they owned available to each other. We all need people who will encourage us with both words and actions. Who do you have in your life that encourages you to be the very best person that you can be? How can you be that person for others?


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