Bearing Fruit

If we are to bear good fruit, we must constantly tend to our branches. This means spending time with the joyful moments and the painful moments in our lives. When we do this, our branches become stronger and our fruit becomes sweeter.

Growing Out

The aspen tree’s roots do not grow deep. Many think this would allow them to be blown over in a bad storm or strong wind, but they persist. They are able to do this because although their roots do not grow deep, they grow out and connect with the roots of other aspen trees nearby. Join us this week as we take a look at the root systems in our lives.

Growing in Purpose

We know we should eat healthy. We know we should exercise. We know we should tend to the wellness of our spiritual lives. But why? We hope you will join us this week as we look at the different “whys” of our lives and how we are called to live those out that we may grow on purpose and with a purpose.

Wild Branches

There are times when we grow in a healthy direction and there are times when we grow in a direction a bit off course, yet growth occurs in both situations. This week we hope you will join us as we seek to find healthy growth on every path of our lives.

Deep Roots

We grow by nature and we grow by choice. Before we can take that step forward, we must look back. This will be beautiful, messy and a little bit uncomfortable. We hope you will join us this week as we explore what has brought us to where we are today.

Who Is My Neighbor?

In the story of The Good Samaritan, Jesus tells us to be neighbors to all of our brothers and sisters, but when was the last time you were a neighbor to the person who actually lives next door or across the street? Join us this week as we dive in to what it means to be Good Samaritans in our own neighborhoods as we seek to share the love, grace, and peace of our God with those who live closest to us.

3am Friends

At the heart of building community is the nurturing of relationships. We must be intentional about growing healthy relationships at all levels. When we are willing to risk and go deep, we may well find the building blocks for true friendships: respect, listening and encouraging. True friendship can experience a level of emotional intimacy that is rarely experienced in any other human contact. Check out Proverbs 17:17 or 18:24. Still not convinced? Look in on David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel 18:1-4.


Do you ever dream of a long kitchen table filled with friends and family? Everyone is laughing, reminiscing on stories, and having a wonderful time. This is a truly beautiful thing, but this table does not become full overnight. Tables like this take individuals who are passionate about making room at the table. This week we are going to focus on how we can each be those individuals who work to make room at the table and build up the beautiful communities around us.

The "Other" Community

The “Other” Community- Leaving our comfort zones to meet new people can be scary. Their differing ideas and opinions can be intimidating and make us want to not venture out. Diversity can be the seasoning or the spice to making a wonderful new community. God sends us to go and make disciples. How might God be calling KUMC to go out to create new communities? How might God being challenging you to go out from your comfort zone and meet new people?

Strangers in a Room

We often find ourselves in rooms filled with many people who are strangers to us, but yet a shared experience is being developed. Whether this be in a hospital waiting room, a grocery store, a concert hall, or even a church building, every day we are experiencing life in a community with people we do not know. We all have different stories that led us where we are today, but now we are here together with something in common. Join us this week as we move beyond simply being strangers in the same room and build up the welcoming community that is within us all.

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