Fundraising Policy and Procedures

Fundraising activities serve the following three purposes, besides the obvious one of raising needed money for church ministries.

• Highlight the specific mission of the group
• Emphasize the importance and needs of the organization
• Help to build community within the church and enthusiasm for its ministries

The ability to raise funds, however, and/or the desire for the benefits those funds would obtain, is not necessarily a compelling reason for raising those funds. Fundraisers should never  overshadow the practice of stewardship: the amount of funds raised, the frequency of the fundraisers, or the objectives of raising the funds.

Fundraising includes any activity that asks for money or goods. Fundraising activities at Keller United Methodist Church must be approved by the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee, in conjunction with the church staff, has implemented a procedure whereby substantive information must be provided prior to consideration of all requests for such activities. Providing the requested information on the Fundraising Request Form will assist the Finance Committee to make more informed decisions and be better stewards of the church’s resources.

The fundraising requests are reviewed and approved/denied during the monthly Finance Committee meeting. Any request that does not fully address necessary information will be returned with a request for additional information.

Fundraising Request Form