Staff Spotlight


    How well do you know the members of the KUMC staff? Most of you are pretty familiar with Pastor Estee and Pastor Jason, but we have so many awesome staff members. Here is just a little bit to get to know them better! Click the name below the photo they submitted for more on each of them!

    Jim Arrigan

    Danielle Carpenter

    Jim Chandler

    Lauren Christenberry

    Cathy Dill

    Sean Edins

    Carol Ann Fewell

    Joey Gillaspy

    Melanie Grice

    Gina Hartman

    Abigail Herrington

    Ryan Hill

    Kim Kuhlman

    Carl Lorey

    Luz Nunez

    Audrey Peterbark

    Dan Reid

    Nancy Smith

    Kristin Springer

    Victoria Wilson

    Jan Valendy