Serving Outside Our Church Walls

07.24.19 | by Keith Bierley

    Over the past five years, Keller UMC has sent multiple mission teams to Haiti to and distributed over 900 water filters to homes, churches, schools and orphanages. More than 4,500 people now have access to clean water in their daily lives. Most people in Haiti lack clean water and suffer from the effects of drinking unclean water. During our week in Haiti, we stay in the community where we are serving, spend lots of time playing with the children and engage with the adults. We also have the opportunity to participate in Sunday Service, which is very meaningful and helps us to bond with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our Haitian staff (Water to Life employs two staff members to manage the water filter program) conducts the training on the proper use of the water filters. After we distribute the water filters, we engage the community visiting people in their homes, which allows our team to see and interact with the community on a more personal level. Along the way, the children in the village join us and become part of our entourage as we walk the streets of Mellier!

    As disciples of Christ, we are called to share our faith. Serving in Haiti has been a very meaningful experience for me and the others members of our church. The trip will allow you to live your faith in ways that will affect you when you are there and when you return home to Keller UMC, it will help you re-focus your purpose and passion for ministry. Please join us and experience the love of the Haitian people. 

    If you are interested in going on a Haiti mission trip, please contact Keith Bierley or Cathy Dill.  We are looking to add a trip in October for 10 people.  Cost to be determined by number of participants.  Deadline for interest is August 11.