Results of the 2021 Stewardship Campaign

11.24.20 | by Pastor Estee Valendy

    God calls us to be stewards of all that we are given and we celebrate the stewardship that is lived out at Keller United Methodist Church. This fall, church members were asked to think ahead and make a commitment of the financial gifts they intend to give to the budget of KUMC in 2021. Even in the midst of a pandemic, when the news is filled with ups and downs of the stock market and economic worries, the membership of KUMC has stepped forward with confidence and faithfulness to support the mission and ministries of the church. We are grateful for every commitment received, as it allows us to have a clear picture of what to expect financially in 2021 and to plan the church budget accordingly.

    Stewardship campaign results include commitments from 261 individuals/families totaling $1.61 million dollars. (For a little context, at the end of the 2020 campaign, KUMC had 288 commitments for $1.67 million). This includes:

    • 120 individuals/families made commitments identical to those they are currently fulfilling in 2020
    • 34 commitments were received from individuals/families who have never committed before 
    • 20 commitments received were a decrease of an individual/family’s current commitment
    • 87 commitments received were an increase over the amount that an individual/family currently gives

    We give thanks for all of the commitments made to support the 2021 budget of KUMC. We are aware that some in the church have been severely impacted by the current crisis and not in a position to make a commitment, increase your giving or continue giving at current levels. We understand and give thanks for whatever you are able to give.

    We encourage all KUMC members to continue in generosity as you respond to the grace of God in your life. If you have not made a commitment to give to the upcoming church budget, it is never too late. Visit to make a commitment online, or call the church office to receive a pledge card in the mail. Currently we are about $60,000 difference from 2020 to 2021 commitments. If 27 people are in the position to give $200 a month, we could not only close that gap but also continue towards the hope that all members of KUMC would make a financial commitment. 

    The Finance Committee is currently working to align stewardship commitments and projected income with ministry area budget requests. Once the Finance Committee finalizes the 2021 church budget it will be presented to Ministry Council in January and adopted by formal vote. The 2021 church budget will also be available for KUMC members when it is completed.