How Did you Do on Your Carbon Footprint Survey?


    How did you do on your carbon footprint survey? Don’t panic. As an African proverb says, “Many little people, in many little places, taking many little steps, can change the face of the world.” We’re in this together. You may know that air pollution is bad for all living things, making it hard for different species to survive. For humans, air pollution causes respiratory (asthma and other breathing problems), heart problems, eye and skin irritation and other health problems. It also causes global warming, acid rain, eutrophication (algae growth on water surfaces), wildlife stressors, and depletion of the ozone layer.  Rather overwhelming! 

    We challenge you this month to make a simple lifestyle change to increase your awareness, change your focus and to make a difference.  Choose one or, if you feel inspired, create your own:

    1. Carpool when possible or consolidate your trips
    2. Don’t idle in the drive-through lane, go in to the business
    3. Switch off ceiling fans and lights when going out of a room
    4. Regulate your thermostat for best efficiency
    5. Encourage your legislators to promote clean energy technologies in our state
    6. Your idea – we will have a suggestion box at the Welcome Desk to enter your ideas. We will add these ideas to our Quick News article next month.

    If you want more information on air pollution, go to: