Drainage Project - Phase 1 Completed

06.15.20 | by Tom Belter

    For several years, as KUMC expanded from the first building, the Family Life Center (FLC), adding the Sanctuary, and finally completing the Discipleship and Administration Center (DAC), the problem of how to manage heavy rain water drainage from roofs and the grounds, has been an increasing issue.

    Currently, nine locations around KUMC have been identified as rain water problem areas. In several of these areas, heavy rains cause minor water intrusion into the church buildings themselves. Damage from rain water inside our church is not covered by our insurance policy, and hence presents a potentially large casualty loss.

    The Trustees have identified drainage correction as our top priority for 2020 and perhaps into 2021. Money has been set aside in the 2020 facilities budget to begin corrective action on as many of the identified problem areas as possible this year.

    The highest priority of these areas are the grounds in and around the Prayer Garden. With the addition of the DAC and Atrium, all of the rain water from their large roof areas, has flowed directly into the Prayer Garden area, and from there to the Choir Room exterior wall, and the Sanctuary door entrance from the Atrium patio. You may have noticed sand bags routinely placed along the door to the Sanctuary in an attempt to keep water from entering the building. These sandbags have helped but have not prevented water from entering.

    To correct this highest priority area, four integrated projects have just now been completed:
    1) located and cleared a long-lost large underground pipe leading to the retention pond from the Prayer Garden area,
    2) installed gutters along the entire 300 feet of DAC West roof and 100 feet of the Atrium North roof. Added multiple downspouts to both sets of gutters to carry the rain water from the roofs, and
    3) installed nearly 400 feet of drain pipe placed below ground along the West wall of the DAC, with all of the downspouts directly connected to those pipes.
    4) Working with the Prayer Garden ministry, bricks in the garden’s pathway were re-laid, potential trip hazards eliminated, pathway edges strengthened and the entire pathway was generally refreshed.

    Completion of this work means that rain water will now be controlled and directed from roofs all the way to the retention pond. This work is expected to significantly reduce surface water in the Prayer Garden area and eliminate the need for sandbags. It will also allow landscaping work in the Prayer Garden and help to protect the grove of trees that make the Prayer Garden area so beautiful. Reducing the surface water from this area will reduce water buildup further West behind the Sanctuary and the North entrance to the FLC.

    Our next phase of drainage work, expected to begin planning shortly, will address drainage issues at the North entrance of the DAC, the entire North side of the Sanctuary and the North entrance to the FLC.

    Beyond this second phase, we will then address drainage issues along the South/front side of the FLC and Sanctuary, where rain water is also causing minor damage (FLC) and safety issues (Sanctuary entrance).

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact any member of the Board of Trustees.

    Tom Belter for the KUMC Trustees