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    Lent in Your Pocket 4.6

    04.06.20 | by Pastor Estee Valendy

    Jesus is the one who is rejected, and the rejection of Jesus becomes the cornerstone of God’s good news. The cross, a symbol of violence, becomes a symbol of what God will do with all the violence of the world.

      Lent in Your Pocket 4.2

      04.02.20 | by Pastor Estee Valendy

      Although I certainly have my moments of fear and anxiety and overwhelm, I also am feeling that God is working through the difficulties of this time to give me new eyes to see things differently.

        Lent in Your Pocket 3.17

        03.17.20 | by Pastor Estee Valendy

        The time that we have to enjoy life today is limited. We wake from sleep and the day stretches ahead of us, but one hour quickly passes to the next and before you know it, it is bedtime again. How do we faithfully live in the midst of the limits...