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    Community Garden Plots Available

    01.12.21 | by Carol Ann Fewell

    Raised garden beds are available for rent at our garden for any community member interested in having a garden. The beds are 8’ x 4’. Rental cost is $25 per year with scholarships available on request.

      Lent in Your Pocket 3.16

      03.16.20 | by Carol Ann Fewell

      There is a sense of completeness when I accomplish something that I worked hard on. Failure is never fun, rewarding or worth celebrating. Or is it?

        Meaningful Imagery

        10.28.19 | by Carol Ann Fewell

        Most of us can only imagine how much work goes into writing a sermon each week. But what about the other components of worship? Musicians rehearse, worship guides get proofed and printed, but what about the images around our worship experience?