Advent Devotional December 9

12.09.19 | Peace | by Pastor Jason Valendy

    Scripture: Colossians 3:15

    I see the word “Peace” emblazoned in lights on a neighbor’s house. Peace is sung in many songs and remains the prayer of all. But what is peace?

    Is it holding hands while singing around the tree? Is it the absence of conflict? Is it permanent or fleeting? Is it in a house quiet of noise or full of friends and family? Is it something that we have in our hearts or in our world? Is peace just a name we use for when people follow the rules? What if those rules are wrong, unjust and harmful? What does peace look like to Christians who follow Jesus, who was deemed a disturber of the peace and an agitator of the crowds? What if peace requires a bit of disturbance? Why does Paul tell us to be thankful for peace? Could we be resentful of peace? What does it look like to wage peace? What if peace comes in the forms of the cry of the innocent, the wisdom of seekers who take another road, the workers of the field who bring their animals? Really, what is peace and would we know it if we saw it?

    May the peace of Christ rule in your hearts and be thankful. 

    Prince of Peace, rule in my life so that I may know your peace in my heart and extend it to the body I am called. Amen. 

    Rev. Jason Valendy
    Co-Senior Pastor