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    Lent in Your Pocket 3.26

    03.26.20 | by Pastor Jason Valendy

    Faith is essential for our lives, but faith is not essentially believing. The problem is, too often we use faith and belief interchangeably as though they are equal.

      Lent in Your Pocket 3.25

      03.25.20 | by Judy Belter

      Seeking understanding has always symbolized who I am. When I was around nine years old, I recall being absolutely driven to find out where the “soul” was.

        Lent in Your Pocket 3.24

        03.24.20 | by Kristin Springer

        Uncertainty. Unfortunately, I’d say that’s a common feeling these days. In the midst of the current crisis many of us are uncertain. Some uncertainties are big, while others are small, yet all leaving us with a feeling of discomfort…

          Lent in Your Pocket 3.23

          03.23.20 | by Pastor Lauren Christenberry

          I am going to be very honest with you. I am a little anxious about the world around us right now. I find this mostly because of the unknown. How long will this last? How much toilet paper do I actually need? When will the grocery store have more...

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