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    Lent in Your Pocket 3.6

    03.06.20 | by Pastor Jason Valendy

    We are often drawn to those who “conquer” difficult terrain of God’s creation. Those who swim great distances, traverse the deep colds, or climb the highest mountains are people of interest to us.

      Lent in Your Pocket 3.3

      03.03.20 | by Pastor Lauren Christenberry

      The other day I had a dream that all of my hair was falling out. So of course when I woke up I did what everyone does… I googled, “Meaning of dream when all your hair falls out?” 

        Lent in Your Pocket 3.2

        03.02.20 | by Pastor Jason Valendy

        Right in the middle of the response of God to a man named Job, God asks a number of questions. Can you determine the measurement of the foundations of the earth?

        12...10111213141516171819 ... 2425