Connection Groups

On-Going Connection groups

Bible Journey - DAC 407 (9:45am)
The class studies a book of the Bible (switching between Old and New Testament) studies and discusses one to two chapters a week.  Very little out of class preparation is expected/required.  Couples and singles take turns facilitating lessons.  Age 40 to 60. Contact - Shay and Susan Reid

Friends in Faith - DAC 415 (10am)
Discussion-based group studying a variety of topics including the books of the Bible and current events.  Ages 35-55. Contact - Elizabeth Wright, 817-266-1031

Faith, Fellowship and Fun - DAC 417 (10am)
This group gets together every Sunday for Bible study. Prior to the pandemic on Wednesday nights they volunteered or ate together as a community. Currently on Wednesday nights they meet to play games via Zoom. All ages welcome; most are in their 30s. Contact - Peter Sensenbrenner

Homebuilders II - DAC 416 (10:15am)
Who we are: We are a collection of active couples and individuals in the 50+ age group.  We are welcoming, with origins from other parts of the country and other religions.  
What we study: We have six class facilitators who rotate in leading class discussions on books focused on spiritual growth in our daily lives.  Most of our books are selected by the class but we also participate in church-wide study selected by the pastoral staff.
What we do for the Church: We are an active class that supports our church by volunteering for programs for its children and youth. Additionally, we support outreach ministries, like the Resource Center and Backpack Program, in our neighboring communities with our gifts and presence.  And finally, we look for opportunities to be God’s hands and feet by providing targeted financial assistance to individuals in need.  
What do we do for fun: Socializing is an important part of this class. The goal is to have two or three social gatherings in either classmate’s homes or public areas where we can celebrate our lives. Typical events include the Spring Crawfish Party and the Christmas Party.
Origin of our name: This class was started in 2005 by Russ and Linda Smariga, in honor of their beloved Sunday School class in Arizona named Homebuilders II. Contact - Laurie Burke

Life Quest - DAC 412 (10am)
Couples and singles, with or without children, are on the quest for spiritual growth and Christian connection. All ages are welcome. Current class members range in age from 30-60. Contact - Dan Hester or D'Lene Anthony

New Life - DAC 414 (9:30am)
You are welcome wherever you are on your spiritual journey. Our class thrives on non-judgmental, open discussion guided by tradition, reason, experience, and scripture. We explore the writings and videos of authors such as Marcus Borg, John Shelby Spong, Adam Hamilton, Amy-Jill Levine, Father Richard Rohr, as well as a subscription to video studies from "Living the Questions." We have studied world religions and visited other faith communities to foster understanding. We search for ways to put our faith into action and welcome opportunities for service in our church and community. Current class range is 40 and over. Contact - Janette Gerig

Open Door - DAC 408 (10am)
This class has an open discussion format on a variety of topics using books selected by popular choice. Married and singles, age 60+. Contacts - Toni Bliss and Becky Parks

Pathfinders - DAC 411 (9:30am)
This is a talented group of involved Christians that serve our church in multiple capacities. They are devoted to following the teachings of Jesus by delivering Sunday School lessons that are relevant to our daily Christian living as well as filling the purpose and expectations that God has so clearly outlined for our lives. Age 45 and over, couples and singles. Contact - Richard Valenta or Laura Kruger

Sacred Evolution - DAC 410 (10am)
Sacred Evolution is a community of wilderness wanderers in all stages of deconstruction. We explore the questions, thoughts and doubts that have been silenced in previous faith spaces, and we work together to reconstruct a life-giving faith. Our discussions center around books from authors such as Rachel Held Evans, Richard Rohr, Pete Enns and Brian McLaren. Our first book is Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith by Sarah Bessey. Contact - Jennifer and Michael Hunt

Seekers - DAC 413 (10am)
This class is Bible-centered, seeking to equip and enable its members to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Primarily expository in nature with class input and discussion. Senior adults, mostly retired. Contact - Jim Nagel

Young Couples - DAC 409 (10am)
Every Sunday at 10am, young couples gather in the YAC to check in, pray with one another and read Scripture together. This group often gets together outside of worship for food and fellowship as well. If you are looking to connect with other couples going through similar stages as you, you are invited to attend this group! Contact - Pastor Lauren

Crossroads Senior Class - DAC 403 (2-3:30pm)
How does our faith shape us in unique times of transition, especially something as big as high school graduation? Exploring that question is what Crossroads is all about! All high school seniors are invited to participate. Click here for our 2021-22 School Year Schedule. Contact - Abigail Herrington

Parents Supporting Their Children Through Mental Health Struggles -DAC 413 (2-3:30pm)
For years, children, teens and young adults with mental health issues in America have had to endure this taboo topic alone.  However, the dramatic rise in mental health issues  during the COVID pandemic brought it to the forefront. It is something that we as a nation were not prepared for, but are finally addressing. One big question remains unanswered, though: who helps the parents? Here at Keller UMC, we are taking the first step in helping the helpers.  Parents, you are not alone.  Parents Supporting Their Children Through Mental Health provides parents with a support group to find strength through shared experience.  Meetings are held on the second Sunday afternoon each month.  During this time we share in our common stories, get needed information that is not readily available and find community and comfort in knowing you are not alone in the fight to help your child. Contact - Shannon Presley

Super Moms Circle (5-6:30pm)
This United Methodist Women circle provides an evening group setting for study, worship, fellowship and service for women who work during the day. This UMW circle is primarily composed of mothers who work outside of the home.  We meet to discuss how to balance the day to day activities of working and taking care of our family.  Also complete service projects designed to promote Christian growth and fellowship. Contact - Jenny Muzik
Visit the UMW page for current schedule 

Sisters of Sewing Circle (S.O.S.) - DAC 414
This is a United Methodist Women's circle who find fellowship in gathering the second Monday of the month (September-May) to make items for mission projects and learn new sewing/quilting techniques. Come join the fun and kinship! Even if you aren't a seamstress we invite you to join us! Sisters of Sewing has great teachers! Contact - Julie McLauchlin, 817-337-2790 or Gloria Faver
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Monday Ladies Bible Study - DAC 411
This women's group participates in a Bible study two-three times a year, September through May. The class chooses a book for an in depth study. Although the majority of women are over 50, we encourage women of all ages to attend the group. This group provides encouragement and support of all members. We have a social afternoon gathering at least once throughout the semester of study. Contact - Corinne Green

Busy Moms Bible Study Circle - DAC 415
Are you looking to connect with other moms? Would you like a group of women you can share the joys and struggles of raising children in today’s world? Does finding a place where you can be physically and spiritually refreshed sound wonderful? This United Methodist Women’s circle for moms designed to focus on creating community and spiritual renewal. Join us on Tuesday mornings at 9:30am. The first, second and third Tuesday of the month are devoted to Bible study. The fourth Tuesday will include a service project, speaker or activity. Monthly, usually on the third Thursday,  the group will go out to dinner together giving everyone an opportunity to relax, enjoy and connect.  Contact - Ali Beckwith or Kristal Haskins or text 402-217-2343 for details.
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Prayer Covering Circle  - DAC 414
This ministry promotes community and prayer by making lap size quilts, shawls, and afghans for individuals in need of comfort because of illness, loss of a loved one or are in the midst of a crisis. The creation of these coverings are made at home and prayed over at our meetings where we share ideas and get help if needed. Meets the third Tuesday of the month (except July and December). Contact - Sarah Colvin or Paula Burda

Mary Circle - DAC 414
This United Methodist Women's circle meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month (September-May). All women of the church are invited to this group that combines studies of UMW literature with service projects. Contact - Robyn Childress
Visit the UMW page for current schedule

Journeys Circle - third Tuesday each month - DAC 414
This UMW circle is mostly made up of moms of high schoolers, college students or young adults, but all women are invited. This group meets the third Tuesday of each month (September-May) for fellowship, worship, study and service. We also try to have a social gathering once a month.  Contact - Corinne Green
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Bibles and Brews - What's On Tap, Keller Town Center, 201 Town Center, Suite 1107
Do you like beer? Have you ever picked up a Bible? Come have a pint with this connection group. We’ll meet at What’s On Tap and spend time digging deeper into the previous Sunday’s sermon and how it might connect to our daily lives. Beer drinking optional. Contact - Sean Edins, Lauren Christenberry or Dan Hernandez.

Crafty Crafters Circle  - DAC 414
This United Methodist Women's circle meets on the first Wednesday of each month (September-March). The craft projects are given to local organizations, such as Keller Senior Activities Center, Cook Children's Hospital and Meals on Wheels. Items are also made for Sharing the Joy, which supports the mission of the United Methodist Women. Each craft is completed in approximately 1 1/2 hours.  No previous experience or skills required! It is a great time of fellowship together while completing a meaningful project.  Contact - Janette Gerig
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The Upper Room Group Study - DAC 416
Christ said where two or more gather together in his name, his presence will be there also. This connection group gathers together weekly (September-May) for community and discussion, and to listen for God's guidance using the meditations from the Upper Room magazine devotionals. Contact - Lou Tiner


Men's Prayer Breakfast - DAC 411 
The prayer breakfast is open to all men. We are both retired and actively working. One person reads a pre-arranged chapter from the Bible and then discussion follows. A brief, casual breakfast brought by one volunteer precedes the reading. We conclude with concerns and prayer. Contact - Jim Nagel

Reading Express Circle - DAC 416
This is a United Methodist Women book club meets the third Friday of each month (September-May) at 10am. Book titles are chosen from the approved UMW reading list on social issues. RSVP and let us know you are coming and if you will need a book! Contact - Imma Jeanne Alexander
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