Art of Discipleship

The Art of Discipleship is a tool that offers a new way to picture the overall richness and vibrancy of your faith journey.  The Art of Discipleship blends a variety of spiritual disciplines that can help you to create your own colorful and creative discipleship masterpiece.   

The Art of Discipleship uses a five-color painter’s palette – Worship (red), Serve (blue), Give (green), Pray (orange) and Witness (purple) – to invite you to colorfully paint what Connecting God’s Family by Knowing, Loving, and Serving so that the World might Experience Christ’s Love looks like for you on your faith canvas.  Some of these practices will comfort you, some will challenge you, and all will inspire and enrich you. 

We invite you to visualize The Art of Discipleship Painter’s Palette to determine the vibrancy of colors on your current palette.  Then, think about your goals for the next few months or the next few years.  Do you want to add more red (worship) to your color palette?  Does you color palette have a lot of blue (serve) but very little orange (pray)? If you wish to discuss this with a pastor, feel free to contact one of us and we will be glad to walk through this with you!