Lay Leadership Teams

Lay Leadership Team Resources

This page of the website is here to share information on the lay leadership teams of the church. Meeting agendas, minutes and other information may be found below each of the lay team headings. 

 2021 Leadership Teams & Ministry Council Members

Ministry Council

“The Book of Discipline” defines the Ministry Council as the executive agency of the charge conference; a group of leaders that guides and furthers the ministry of the congregation. The work of the council is to envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate our ministry in pursuit of our mission: “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” The council is the administrative leader of the cycle of discipleship by connecting vision and ministry and the role of the council is to integrate and coordinate all of the Christ-centered ministries/missions and administrative controls of the church.

Agenda - March 23, 2020
Agenda - April 27, 2020 - 6:30pm via Zoom
April 27 Minutes
Special Called Meeting - May 18, 2020 - 6:30pm via Zoom
 Notes from Bishop Lowry for review
 May 18 Minutes
 June 1 Minutes
 June 22 Minutes
  August 3 Minutes 
  August 24 Minutes
  September 28 Minutes
  October 9 Minutes
 October 26 Minutes
 November 16 Minutes
 December 21 Minutes

Finance Committee

What does Finance do?
Through the discipline of stewardship, this committee  works to raise, manage and disperse the finances so  that the mission of the church is achieved.

This team benefits with members who
• understand finance
• are comfortable talking about money
• are financially responsible
• are able to see "the big picture"

When do they meet?
Once a month, usually on Tuesday evenings.

 April 21, 2020 Minutes
 May 19, 2020 Minutes 
 June 15, 2020 Minutes
 July 21, 2020 Minutes
 August 18, 2020 Minutes
 September 15, 2020 Minutes 
 October 20, 2020 Minutes
  November 17, 2020 Minutes

2020 Budget Report 1st Quarter 

April YTD Budget Report

 May YTD Budget Report

June YTD Budget Report

July YTD Budget Report

August YTD Budget Report

September YTD Budget Report

2020 Budget Report 3rd Quarter 

October YTD Budget Report

November YTD Budget Report

Lay Leadership Team

What does Lay Leadership do?
These leaders help the congregation identify and  discern who God is calling into leadership positions in  the church.

This team benefits with members who
• are comfortable on the telephone
• have an outgoing personality
• are able to keep conversations confidential
• others might call a "people-person"

When do they meet?
Up to 6 times a year, usually on Thursday evenings.

Agenda - Monday, May 4, 6:30pm via Zoom

Board of Trustees

What do Trustees do?
This committee supervises and maintains all property, contracts and equipment belonging to the congregation. 

This team benefits with members who
• care about the physical property of the church
• are knowledgeable in maintenance and upkeep 
• are good project managers

When do they meet?
Once a month, usually on Tuesday evenings.

 January 2020 Minutes
 February 2020 Minutes
 March 2020 Minutes
 April 2020 Minutes 
 May 2020 Minutes
 June 2020 Minutes
 July 2020 Minutes
 August 2020 Minutes
 September 2020 Minutes
 October 2020 Minutes
 November 2020 Minutes

Staff Parish Relations

What does Staff Parish Relations (SPR) do?
This administrative unit integrates staff and  congregational interests. SPR has some of the same  functions as a Personnel or Human Resources office.

This team benefits with members who
• possess good interpersonal skills
• are able to keep conversations confidential
• refrain from gossip
• are able to assist in evaluating current and future staff

When do they meet? 
Once a month or as needed, usually Sunday afternoons.

Due to the discussion of sensitive personnel issues, only members of the Staff Parish Relations team may attend these meetings. If you have questions, please contact Keith Bierley.