Turn the other cheek, give your cloak and walk an extra mile are not just little sayings to build empathy. They are acts of nonviolent resistance. Let’s explore how Jesus calls us to nonviolence in a violent age.


Kenosis is a word in the Bible that describes "self-emptying." It is clear in the Gospel that The Way of Jesus is the way of self-emptying. We will explore what it means to "die to ourselves" and our egos and live a life of kenosis.


Who has the first word in our life of prayer? Is it us, making requests to God? Or does God speak first?


We live in a culture that props up happiness as the highest value. However, Christianity seeks not happiness but joy. Come and explore with us the concept of joy and how is it different from happiness.


How do you understand your value in God's eyes? Do you believe there are things you need to do to please God? This week, we'll consider how the gospel message of grace should be the basis for our self-understanding.


Too often we divide people into optimistic or pessimistic believing that they are opposites. However, optimism and pessimism are not opposites of one another. This Sunday we will explore how and why optimism and pessimism are similar, how they fail us and what it is God in Christ calls us to live as a Spirit-full alternative.


Paul’s letters always begin with words of gratitude. How often do we start our correspondence and our relationships with gratitude? Come and see how gratitude can be the starting place in a life of faith and trust.

Bearing Fruit

If we are to bear good fruit, we must constantly tend to our branches. This means spending time with the joyful moments and the painful moments in our lives. When we do this, our branches become stronger and our fruit becomes sweeter.

Growing Out

The aspen tree’s roots do not grow deep. Many think this would allow them to be blown over in a bad storm or strong wind, but they persist. They are able to do this because although their roots do not grow deep, they grow out and connect with the roots of other aspen trees nearby. Join us this week as we take a look at the root systems in our lives.

Growing in Purpose

We know we should eat healthy. We know we should exercise. We know we should tend to the wellness of our spiritual lives. But why? We hope you will join us this week as we look at the different “whys” of our lives and how we are called to live those out that we may grow on purpose and with a purpose.


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