Voice of Gresham Rodie

04.15.19 | by Gresham Rodie

    Gresham Rodie

    Grade: Junior

    Favorite TV show: The Office (because it's better than Parks and Rec.)

    Favorite band: Train

    Favorite KUMC memory: my first mission trip to San Marcos and the Austin mission trip

    Favorite scripture: Ephesians 3:7

    Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate chip cookie dough

    If you could have any super power in the world, what would it be? Mind Reading

    Reflection on Week 3 of Jesus Loves: Jesus Loved the Ostracized
    Scripture Focus: John 4:1-30 and James 2:1-9

    Throughout the Bible, Jesus was used as an example to show how the human race is supposed to act while living their everyday lives. God, again, used his son to show how people of the Church and of his kingdom must love one another equally. Even his son, the King of Kings, must treat the outcast with the same unconditional love as he treats everyone else.

    As we strive to be like Jesus or live in his image, we must encourage ourselves and our peers to love each other with that same love. If we keep our peers accountable for loving others, our community can keep a high standard of excellence, while showing others God’s love.