Executive Team

What is the Executive Team?
Currently, the Executive Team is comprised of four members, Pastor Chris and his direct reports:  Pastor Page, Sean Edins and Melanie Grice. The Executive Team normally meets weekly on Tuesdays to review all new ministry requests. They discuss to insure that the proposed ministry is in line with our mission statement, has the necessary staff and lay support, falls within the budget approved by Ministry Council, and has appropriate space available. They also discuss big-picture challenges and opportunities.   

Contributions from Each Team Member
Pastor Chris, Lead Pastor, is the chief executive officer of Keller UMC. He leads long-range planning, casts the vision for the future of our church, connects us with the global United Methodist Church, connects us with our community, and develops church leaders. 

Pastor Page, Senior Associate Pastor of Serving Ministries, supervises a majority of the program staff and oversees all of the church’s serving ministries activities. Additionally, Pastor Page has recently taken on an additional role as the staff liaison between the business workings of the church and congregation.   

Sean Edins, Executive Director of Worship Ministries, oversees all aspects of worship, music and fine arts. His voice at the table is vital for these important aspects of our spiritual development and discipleship. 

Melanie Grice, Executive Director of Operations, is responsible for all of the business administration, financial, facilities and human resources components of the church. Her voice at the table is vital in determining the practical and logistical aspects of ministries.

How Can I Find Out More?
Pastor Page is now attending Finance Committee and Board of Trustees meetings to remain informed. She is available to assist the congregation in understanding the business workings of the church. Pastor Page is available to meet with individuals one-on-one or with small groups to discuss church. Contact her by calling the church office at 817-431-1332 or email